Customer trust: service, quality repair, communication

Case 1: Customers who have not purchased our machines seek our help

Mr. C bought a paper bag handle machine from xx supplier, after using it for a short time, there were problems such as damaged parts, lagging, and other faults, he sought help from xx but didn’t solve the problem. Mr. C found our machine matched with him through searching the website and sought help from us. In the end, we gave him reasonable advice, he got the parts from us and successfully solved the problem.

Feiyang | Customer trust: service, quality repair, communication

Mr. C chats with the after-sales staff

Case 2: The client said his boss rewarded him

The customer purchased an automatic paper bag handle pasting machine which was appreciated by his boss and followed up with an order for another one.

Feiyang | Customer trust: service, quality repair, communication

Case  3: Respond to customer’s questions

Feiyang | Customer trust: service, quality repair, communication

Here are 4 key factors that contributed to success

1. Trust: The fact that the customer initially reached out to us via email speaks volumes about the reputation and credibility of our brand. Later on, by providing useful repair advice, we further strengthened our mutual trust.

2. Customer Service: We were able to provide the customer with the help they needed, even though they had not purchased a machine directly from us. This demonstrates our commitment to customer service and our willingness to go above and beyond to help our customers. 

3. Quality Repair: We provide our customers with reasonable repair suggestions to help them find out the cause of the malfunction. We also sell them replacement parts to help them restart their machines. This is a plus point for our customers to enhance their goodwill towards our company.

4. Communication: Follow up on machine issues on a daily basis, keep them updated on repairs, and answer any questions they may have. This helps us build relationships with our customers and earn their trust.

Overall, in the pursuit of economic benefits at the same time, we must do a good job of products and services. To understand that long-term stable product quality is fundamental to maintaining customers, only good product quality, in order to win the market, win the trust of consumers.

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