Eco-Friendly Cardboard Box Handles for Efficient Packaging

Products Name: Cardboard Box Handles

Applicaiton: Food Boxes, Milk Box, Gift Box, Household Products, etc.

Service: Customize the size and color you need.

User: paper box manfacturer

Feature: eco-friendly, instead of plastic handles

Brand: Feiyang

MOQ: 5000 pcs



The cardboard box handles are a structural component attached to cardboard boxes to facilitate easier lifting and carrying. It enhances convenience in handling and transporting goods, typically made from cardboard or other sturdy materials

Function: The cardboard box handle serves as a convenient grip for lifting and carrying cardboard boxes, enhancing ease of transportation.

Purpose: It improves handling efficiency in logistics, shipping, and storage operations, ensuring secure and comfortable transportation of goods.

Market Advantages: Offers cost-effective packaging solutions, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, and customization options for branding.

We offer 3 type to choose, if you have any questions, you can contact us to learn more details.

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cardboard box handle