Paper Handle Manufacturer Flat Rope Handles for Paper Bags


Application: kraft paper bags

Handle Type: Flat Rope Handle

Usage: paper bag manufacturer

Advantage: recyclable; eco-friendly

Customized: OEM

Handle Type: 4 types to choose


Flat Rope Handle is an innovatively designed strap made from flat rope material, known for its lightweight and durable characteristics. It is typically used as a modern alternative to traditional round rope materials, offering a more comfortable and contemporary appearance.


The Flat Rope Handle is widely used in various products and industries such as bags, handbags, and sports equipment, providing users with a comfortable carrying experience. Its design is suitable for prolonged carrying, such as shopping, travel, and daily use.


  • Flat Rope Material: Crafted from high-quality flat rope, enhancing load-bearing capacity while reducing overall weight.
  • Comfortable Design: The flat rope shape offers enhanced comfort, minimizing pressure on the hands.
  • Durability: Specially treated flat rope ensures abrasion resistance and long-term durability.
  • Stylish Appearance: Modern and minimalist design suitable for various styles and product accessories.