Paper Handle on cardboard boxes

Cardboard box paper handle

Application: fit the cardboard box, carton box

Advantages: eco-friendly, recyclable

Usage: boxes manufacturer


We have our own factory, and I am sure our price is of great advantage. And our company has passed FSC certification, we have a strict system to control the quality of our products. Superior quality and good service is our eternal goal.


Versatility: Paper handles on cardboard boxes provide a versatile carrying solution, allowing consumers to comfortably transport the box without the need for additional bags or packaging.

Eco-Friendly: The use of paper for handles aligns with eco-friendly practices, contributing to sustainable packaging solutions.

Sturdiness: Despite its lightweight appearance, the paper handle is engineered to be sturdy and durable. It is designed to withstand the weight of the box’s contents, ensuring a secure and reliable grip during transportation.

Recyclability: Both the cardboard box and the paper handle are often recyclable, promoting a circular economy and responsible waste management practices.

Cost-Effective: Implementing paper handles on cardboard boxes can be a cost-effective solution compared to alternative packaging options. It allows for functional and attractive packaging without significantly increasing production costs.


1. Please design the hole position according to the specification of our physical carrying handle before opening the hole in the carton. Avoid the situation of incorrect hole position.
2. According to the hardness of your carton and the quality of the items to be loaded, please order the handles after passing the physical load-bearing test.

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Paper Carry Handle


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eco-friendly handle for milk/food/gift box


instead of plastic handle