1000mm Paper Slitting Machine Manufacturer

Machine Name:  Paper Roll Slitter and Rewinder


Function: slit large rolls of kraft paper into smaller rolls of different diameters

Advantages: high precision cutting, easy to operate, Fine CNC processing

Usage: jumbo paper roll, kraft paper, for paper bag manufacturer


The machine is equipped with a magnetic powder brake and photoelectric correction function to control the winding and winding tightness, to ensure the neat and neat materials after cutting. Cutting and winding adopt frequency control, which can control the running speed of the whole machine. The machine comes with 8 knives for choice. If more knives are needed, the price of each set is 350 yuan. Suitable materials: tarpaulin, net cloth, plastic film, foam, EVA, pearl cotton, thermal insulation materials, leather, PVC.PE industrial materials, chemical materials, etc.

Machine Parameter


1000mm paper roll slitter