Sustainable Packaging Handle Kraft Twisted Paper Handle for shopping bag

Product Name: Twisted Paper Handle

Function: Facilitates easy and secure carrying of paper bags.

Purpose: Enhances usability and comfort in retail, grocery, and promotional settings.

Merchant Services: Available in various types like twisted, and flathandles, catering to diverse packaging needs.

Brand: Feiyangflat handles

Service: Accept Customizable




Paper bag handles serve the purpose of providing convenient carrying solutions for paper bags used in retail, grocery, and promotional settings. They enhance usability and comfort for carrying items securely.

Types of Paper Bag Handles(we offer)

  1.  Twisted Paper  Handle: Made from twisted paper ropes, providing strength and a traditional look.
  2. Flat Paper Handles: Flat strips of paper, often reinforced, offer a sleeker appearance and comfortable grip.

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