We mainly produce paper bag handles and rope machines, and have more than 15 years of experience.

We are the inventors of these machines and the most professional ones in China.

Company development history

Our boss, Mr. Li, studied and worked in the paper bag industry for nearly 10 years before starting the company. The pivotal moment came in 2008 when China initiated the Plastic Limitation Order. Seizing this opportune moment, Mr. Li made a bold decision to venture into entrepreneurship.

His vision was clear – to pioneer the development of eco-friendly machinery that aligns with the evolving market demands.

Enter Mr. Song, who, upon hearing Mr. Li’s ambitious plans, immediately recognized the potential and shared the same enthusiasm. The two visionary leaders joined forces, igniting the spark of entrepreneurship that would eventually lead to the establishment of Dongguan Feiyang Packaging Co., Ltd. in 2008.

Their collaborative efforts and dedication to innovation laid the foundation for a company that thrives on producing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solutions. Against the backdrop of an industry transformation, they steered the company towards success, achieving milestones that were once just aspirations.

Their joint efforts and dedication to innovation have laid the foundation for the company’s growth in producing environmentally friendly solutions. Against the backdrop of industry transformation, they have led the company to success and achieved milestones that were once mere aspirations.
Today, Feiyang has grown from a promising start-up to a leading force in the field of packaging machinery supporting equipment in China, which reflects not only its technological strength but also the firm determination of our leaders to create a positive impact on the industry and the environment.

In the future, we will continue to innovate, pursue green development, and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow!

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Feiyang | Story

Feiyang Packaging Machinery was established in Dongguan. Designed the first hot-melt glue paper bag handle machine.


Feiyang | Story

Invented the first cold glue paper bag handle machine with a conveyor belt.


Feiyang | Story

Developed the first paper rope-making machine. Expansion of the plant in the same year.


Feiyang | Story

All machines have passed through CE standardsDeveloped the first flat paper bag handle-making machine.


Feiyang | Story

Launch automatic paper bag twisted/flat handle-making and pasting machine.


Feiyang | Story

Invented the first cardboard box paper handle making machine.


Feiyang | Story

Launch 2 robot-arms automatic paper bag handle pasting machine.